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Product Designer

St. Michael Minnesota

Image of me (Raymond Shen) in black and white

Passion for Design 🎨 · Code 👾 · Plants 🌱 · education 🎓

Hello, I'm Raymond Shen, a (Digital) Product Designer with 6 years of experience. I specialize in crafting customized digital solutions for startups, covering design systems, UI/UX, branding, and digital assets.

Currently based in Minnesota, I am the first designer at Heylo. In this role, I collaborate closely with the team to enhance digital product design across mobile, websites, assets, and branding.

Digital Résumé →

feb. 2024

group platform

first designer

Heylo mockup of login screen

oct. 2022

group streaming


product design

A design of Teleparty's mobile app

jun. 2020

career coach


first designer

Design of Hireclub's web advertisements

oct. 2018

ai transcriber

product design

Website design sample of landing page section
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