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Design showcasing the final Teleparty Update


Timeline & Role

Oct. 2018 - Present. Designer


A mobile and Chrome extension that syncs movies and shows for a shared viewing experience.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Figma
  • HTML5 & CSS


  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Extension Design
  • Digital Assets
  • Marketing Assets


In 2018, I joined NetflixParty, later rebranded as Teleparty in 2020, uniting millions of users worldwide to watch movies and shows together across various streaming platforms. As the first designer in a team of two, I took on the responsibility of crafting the company's visual identity, including branding, website, extension, mobile, and digital assets from its inception.

During the initial stages, while ideas and features were in place, the product required refinement in areas such as layout, branding, and art direction. With creative freedom, I collaborated closely with the founder to design the product, determining its visual direction through market research. Over the years, we implemented numerous changes and enhancements, and the images below illustrate the evolution of the product's design from the initial drafts to its current appearance.


As part of my design process, I conducted thorough research on Netflix Party's competitors. This involved a detailed analysis to identify feature gaps, branding inconsistencies, and shortcomings in product flows. The main issues were related to a suboptimal user experience and a lack of effective user interface design and discoverability.

Here are some of the previous Google Chrome marketing materials created for Netflix Party. Screenshot of the previous Netflix Party extension design, showcasing the old layout, colors, and functionality before the redesign


Following brainstorming sessions with the founder, we established three keywords—connected, premium, and fun—to shape the company's identity. These keywords influenced the consistent use of color, typography, and icons across all products.

Logo redesign for Teleparty during the transition from Netflix Party Established a design system and defined branding colors for the Teleparty rebrand from NetflixParty using Figma. Updated the font family from Inter to Poppins for a friendlier, fun, and entertainment-oriented approach, targeting young adults and tech-savvy individuals. Redesigned the entire icon set, tailored specifically for the Teleparty use case. The icons feature rounded shapes and a distinct style, setting them apart from other available icons.


Throughout the years, the company continuously added new features to the extension, resulting in various design releases crafted to enhance the user experience.

Here's a sample frame from the website extension, highlighting the final redesigned look. Multiple frames showcasing the redesigned extension in various potential use cases.


Various design releases were crafted over the years as the company continuously added new features to the extension.


Various design releases were crafted over the years as the company continuously added new features to the extension.


group platform

first designer

Heylo mockup of login screen

oct. 2022

group streaming


product design

A design of Teleparty's mobile app

jun. 2020

career coach


first designer

Design of Hireclub's web advertisements

oct. 2018

ai transcriber

product design

Website design sample of landing page section
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