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Designed digital marketing ad for Hireclub


Timeline & Role

Jun. 2020 Designer


A career coaching platform dedicated to assisting clients in enhancing, advancing, and securing their careers.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Sketch App


  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Print Design
  • Marketing Assets


In 2019, I became a designer at HireClub, where my focus was on refreshing the products, website, and mobile app. The task was to uplift the design while maintaining the current aesthetics and products. Our goal was to elevate user experience, tackle branding concerns, and foster trust.

Collaborating with the team, we set out to enhance the company's products, revenue, and brand image. I revamped internal web pages, crafting a new onboarding journey for users. Furthermore, I contributed to print materials, pitch decks, and digital marketing assets to strengthen the overall brand presence.

Web & Mobile

I revamped the onboarding system to work smoothly on both the website and mobile app, using research and testing. I also redesigned internal elements, enhancing the overall structure and design organization

Digital Ads

I created promotional ads for HireClub's social media and events, focusing on incorporating diversity to reflect the company's core values.


Crafted prints, shirts, stickers, and banners.

Team lunch at HireClub with logo-printed hoodies. Assisted in setting up and color-proofing HireClub stickers before delivering them to a print company. 
                Designed and color-proofed a collapsible banner for HireClub, ready for delivery to print companies.


Responsible for designing pitch decks, presentation slides, forms, and prints for HireClub's in-person events.

A photo of the HireClub team during an event, teaching users about interviewing and best practices to help them land their dream job. 
                A HireClub event hosted at a design firm agency. I designed the slides for a portfolio design review event. Another HireClub event hosted at General Assembly in San Francisco. I designed the pitch deck in Sketch and converted it into a PowerPoint for a Resume Makeover event. Designed HireClub's event form for attendees to provide their name and email.


group platform

first designer

Heylo mockup of login screen

oct. 2022

group streaming


product design

A design of Teleparty's mobile app

jun. 2020

career coach


first designer

Design of Hireclub's web advertisements

oct. 2018

ai transcriber

product design

Website design sample of landing page section
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