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Timeline & Role

Oct. 2018 - Present.


A mobile and chrome extension that synchronizes movies and shows together


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  • Art Direction
  • Page Layout
  • Mobile Design
  • Extension Design
  • Digital Assets
  • Presentation Decks



2018 was when I joined NetflixParty; in 2020, the company rebranded to Teleparty, connecting millions of users worldwide to watch movies and shows together synchronously online across multiple streaming platforms. Since my employment with the company, I am currently the only designer responsible for designing the company’s branding, website, extension, mobile, and digital assets from the ground up.

In its early stage, idea and features were built, but the product was missing layout, branding, and art direction. So I was given the freedom of creativity to envision and lead the company’s product design and branding direction. As a result, I spent time researching, analyzing, and studying the market, competitors, and similar services, to help form the released product today.

Since the early years of the company’s product and branding design, many iterations, improvements, and assets have been made. Displayed below are images of iterations, drafts, and some of the final current product design releases I’ve done by far.


The Process

2018 Original NetflixParty

Below are screenshots of NetflixParty’s 2018 original website and extension layout. Unfortunately, it lacked branding, layout, structure, and consistency across company products.

NetflixParty's original website in 2018
NetflixParty's original extension layout design in 2018



Unity, Voice, and Consistency

Sessions of brainstorming and iterations were discussed closely between the founder and me. We concluded with three keywords as pillars of the company's identity: connected, premium, and fun. Forming the foundational color, typography, and iconography sets used across the company's products.

Branding Designed by Raymond Shen for NetflixParty now rebranded to Teleparty Typography Settings by Raymond Shen for NetflixParty now rebranded to Teleparty Iconography Designed by Raymond Shen for NetflixParty now rebranded to Teleparty



Premium and Delightful

Multiple iterations of design releases were done throughout the years as the company continued to add new features to the extension.

Single shot of Teleparty's Sidebar designed by Raymond Shen 2022 Multiple Screenshot of Teleparty's sidebar designed by Raymond Shen 2022 Teleparty Chrome store screenshot



Cross Platform Consistency

Research, analysis, and design iterations were conducted to form a well-balanced app that doesn’t disrupt well-known universal user behavior while creating a consistent user interface that pairs with the extension.

Teleparty App Logo Designed by Raymond Shen Multiple Screenshots of the IOS & Android Mobile Teleparty App Designed by Raymond Shen on current release of 2022 Multi Screenshot of all the UI layout for the current release on both IOS and Android designed by Raymond Shen in 2022 Designed Screenshots for Teleparty Apple Store Listing



Branding and Responsive Web

Redesigned the website to be responsive for both desktop and mobile as well as branding consistency across the company’s products.

Current Homepage for Teleparty designed by Raymond Shen Full page design of the homepage by Raymond Shen for Teleparty