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Timeline & Role

Jun. 2020


HireClub is a career coaching service where we help clients increase salaries and land job positions.


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  • Page Layout & Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Ad & Print Design



In September of 2019, I joined HireClub as a designer to help redesign the company’s products, digital marketing assets, and prints for the company. Most of the existing product, website, and mobile app wasn’t up to date for years, so I was responsible for updating and improving the designs.

The biggest challenge was to improve the design around an existing branding and product. Its initial product app and website had a poor user experience, which confused a lot of users. Inconsistency and branding also led to a lack of trust among users. Months of brainstorming sessions and discussions were held with the founder, product manager, and engineering team to improve the company’s product, revenue, and branding. The brainstorming session outcome focused on enhancing the company’s website design, mobile app design, digital advertisement, and user experience.

As a result, I helped redesign the company’s internal web pages and build a new onboarding user experience to provide a delightful user experience for new prospects. In addition, I worked on designs for the company’s print, pitch decks, and digital marketing assets.


Web & Mobile

Onboarding & Website Redesign

Through user research, testing, and analysis, I helped redesign the onboarding system to be responsive to web and mobile layouts. I also redesigned internal components and features, improving the structural hierarchy and design.

Final Onboarding Design for Hireclub by Raymond Shen Multiple screenshot for Hireclub's Onboarding Design by Raymond Shen Designed a internal page during the start of the pandemic for HireClub.


Digital Ads

Advertisement, Promotion, and Branding

Designed promotional advertisements for the company's social media and events. One of the main challenges was incorporating diversity into the brand, as its one of the core values for HireClub.

Facebook promotional ad tiles for HireClub designed by Raymond Shen Promotional ad tiles for HireClub's instagram designed by Raymond Shen One of the digital assets Raymond Shen designed for HireClubs event on eventbrites page. Digital asset for HireClub's linkedin ad promotion. Product Hunt Screenshot designed for the Covid Map Hireclub has made for its internal pages. Digital Facebook ad events I designed for HireClub



Designed prints, shirts, stickers, and banners.

HireClub team lunch we had wearing the HireClub merch I've designed and got printed for the company Designed the sticker and had it printed for HireClubs Company Vertical banner designed for HireClub events



Designed slide decks for company events.

Event at San Jose hosted by HireClub teaching people about the basics of interviewing. DesignIt event collaboration with HireClub where I designed the pitch deck for this particular event. Resume Makeover event hosted by HireClub where I designed the deck for this event. Designed a signup form for HireClub Events.